Designed To Perform With Precision
Engineered from years of experience producng OEM products
for the best known optics brands in the world.
Military Grade Optics
Without the Military Grade Price
Years of experience producing optics used by militaries throughout the world enables us to produce robust, dependable sights that are easy on the wallet.
Dependability, Precision, Performance
Quality production as a result of quality engineering. Dollar for dollar, the highest quality sights in the world.
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Focus. Power. Accuracy. They’re all key when it comes to sight technologies and for decades, Holosun has concentrated on nothing else so customers get the latest sighting technology for both short and long barrel shooting.

High Quality Affordability

Holosun Technologies is your partner in any setting. With a full line of gun sight technologies and products designed to work in some of the toughest conditions on the planet, nobody beats our choices. Every time you see that unique Holoson stamp, you know the product has been rigorously tested for precision and clarity so things come into focus for your customers quickly.

All of our sights feature extended battery life, hot and cold environmental adaptability, and even personalization options. They’re factors your customers care about with every purchase and selling points you can rely on.

Redefine Your Sights

If you’re ready to step up your offerings, you’re ready for the Holosun difference. Explore the entire line now.

Why choose Holosun

  About Us

Holosun Technologies, with corporate headquarters located in Southern Florida, is dedicated to the hunting and shooting market. Established in 2013 by one of the industry’s most successful OEM manufacturers.

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All products listed are (and will always be) MSRP. Please contact us directly for dealer or distributor costs.

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